About us

Our company was established on January 1, 1995.

From the beginning, the production is focused on the production of toilet chairs, underarms, walking sticks and various orthopedic aids.

In order to meet the widest possible range of requirements of our customers, we also have sales of other medical supplies. About 80% of our production is based on export, the rest is satisfied by the domestic market.

We are gradually increasing our representation on the domestic market as Slovak customers, especially after joining the EU, place increasing emphasis on quality.

Export production goes mainly to EU countries – Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and our products have also found their consumers in Kuwait and Asia. The export ratio of 80/20% speaks for itself about the quality of our products, which has been a priority since the beginning of our company’s existence.

The production process in our manufactory is compiled and optimized so that from the basic raw material to the final product, production takes place in our country without the input of secondary suppliers.

At every stage of production, the semi-finished product undergoes quality control according to high quality criteria, and only after they are met may it proceed to the next production process.

Each of our consumers thus gains the certainty that the final product meets the strictest requirements for quality and durability even under the high load that the products bear in daily use, because our customers are not the general population, but mostly people struggle with disabilities, reduced mobility.

As we also arrange distribution / dispatch / ourselves, we come into personal contact with the consumer, which enables us to ensure a prompt solution of any requirements thanks to immediate contact, even in the case of demand for non-standard and atypical dimensions and parameters.

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